Laureatus Winery


Our philosophy is summed up in the expression "from Strain to Cup". At Laureatus we are our own winegrowers as well as winemakers, which allows us, among other things, to control the development of the vines, make decisions about their growth, planting, etc. In short, we have all the controlthe freedom and the responsibility which means no dependence on external suppliers. We prioritise the quality over quantityand the authentic and transparent over artifice, always".from Strain to Cup".


Harvest 2022


  • Your Christmas with Dolium
    Only 2 weeks left until #Navidad🎄! Get the best of our land to enjoy this festive season!
  • Events at our winery
    When everything is ready to get the party started ✨✨.
  • Vintage 2020
    Weeks have already passed, but the #vendimia 2020 is still fresh in our minds. Unforgettable the emotion and the work involved in collecting [...]
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